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Schnake Turnbo Frank | PR is a consulting firm focusing on public relations, management and business strategy. With the core belief that deeds say more than words, the firm's mission is to move its clients forward - their reputation, their market position and their performance.

The firm was founded in 1970 by Chuck Schnake. Under his savvy leadership, and later that of Steve Turnbo, the firm grew, both in reputation and numbers. Becky Frank joined the firm in 2000, and recruited her long-time friend and co-worker Russ Florence six months later.  Becky and Russ now own the firm, and Steve Turnbo remains onboard full-time as chairman emeritus. With more than 20 employees, the company continues to thrive under the principles of its two long-time partners and visionaries, Chuck Schnake and Steve Turnbo.

With locations in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, STF | PR spent its first 40 years skillfully meeting clients' public relations needs. In that time, the firm uncovered a vital, yet often ignored, link between a business's reputation and its leadership. To most effectively address public relations needs, there frequently must be a management consulting component, and vice versa. To address this fundamental need, STF | PR launched a management consulting division in spring of 2010.

The firm's public relations practice assists companies with crisis management, media coaching, community relations and everything in between. The firm's management consulting practice provides strategy and coaching services, including leadership development, executive coaching and talent management.  STF | PR also offers faith-based consulting. It has a team of uniquely-qualified experts who have broad and extensive experience in helping faith-based organizations with the unique opportunities and challenges they face today.