Meeting/Event Information

Ditch the deck, tell stories that stick

June 14, 2018
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Tulsa Country Club
701 North Union Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74127

Why are 30 million slide decks prepared daily, when slides have proven to be the least effective method for communicating ideas? Instead of assembling slides, why not build something powerful and lasting that stirs audiences emotionally.

Say goodbye to bullets, leave mindless decks of data in the dust, and start telling stories that stick!

During this meeting, you will learn how to coach your executives and/or clients to bring their stories to life for powerful presentations.

  • Join Eric Harris, presentation and brand strategist from Dallas-based GatherRound to discuss:
  • The science of slide addiction
  • Storytelling as an antidote to boring data points
    The Campfire Method, a powerful storytelling formula you can apply to your clients’ next presentation


About Eric Harris

Eric started GatherRound after his experience in brand- and agency-side leadership roles exposed him to a frightening phenomenon: The pervasive reliance on presentation software for communicating and attempting to sell in ideas. Eric believes presentations deserve more respect, because the better we are at selling in, the more cool stuff we’ll get to do.

Eric and his team invented and now teach The Campfire Method for presentation skills training. Since 2015, Eric has had the privilege of coaching enlightened teams – at organizations such as The Marketing Arm, Javelin, MOOYAH and YUM! Brands – who know storytelling is synonymous with leadership.